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Therese Winberg

Photographer & Set Designer
Posted on 04/03/2018

Over the years, we’ve got to know an amazing, global bunch of talented photographers. We pestered them for their best work - and the results knocked us sideways. But such an incredible vault of photography art is both a blessing and a curse. How to make sense of it all? 

Well, we had to turn on the charm again. Every other month, a different curator will handpick their favourite images. We’ve chatted up our favourite interior designers, photographers, style leaders and taste-makers. We can’t wait to show you their unique curation of the Kolla image treasure chest, and it starts now.

Therese Winberg lives in Stockholm with her husband Oskar and 9 month old baby Ziggy.

Her primary profession is a wedding photographer, which keeps her busy during the wedding season, and as the winter months set in she shifts to her other love as a set designer for television and film.

Being a typical Swede, she loves coffee, sunshine, and believes that the summer truly is too short.

Going first is scary, isn’t it?

Big up to Therese Winberg for stepping up to the plate as our first curator then. And what an amazing job she’s done of it.

Scattered throughout the Kolla site are her curated images - along with the beautiful interior photos you see displaying those selections. Check out her interview below to learn more about this savvy Swede, and discover how to create your own collection.


What is your profession?

I work as a photographer and a set designer, which is a combination that works well. Being a set designer makes me a better photographer and, conversely, being a photographer makes me a better set designer. 

Whether I’m creating a specific set in front of a camera or holding the camera myself, I’m constantly looking for the elements which tells the best story.

What’s your ideal work environment?

I’ve worked in many places. From home, in large TV production offices, in small freelance offices, as well as various coffee shops around town.

My favourite work environment is small freelance offices and shared office spaces, where I'm surrounded by similar minds and where everyone partakes in the essential Friday-Fika. Being around other creatives helps me get out of my comfortable zone and look a little further outside the box.


Does your home reflect your ideal work environment?

Since I had a baby last year and have been on part-time maternal leave (although being self-employed, you’re never really off work), I've been working from home. It has suited me well, but I’m looking forward to changing my workspace to a freelance office with colleagues and not wearing PJ’s at work.

As a set designer, the service you provide is your taste in aesthetics. What made you realize you this was a skill of yours?

I have always been able to visualize rooms and scenes, as well as assemble props and furniture, so it just feels right. Like a chef knows when the food needs more salt, I know when something is missing in a corner or when a colour is a good fit. I would have been colour coordinating stuff at work even if I had ended up employed at some office, even if it had just been coffee mugs in the cabinet.


What inspires you when designing home interior decor?

Finding the best way to use a space. That might be how the light falls in during the day, or how to create a kitchen that makes sense to use. As well as falling in love with a materials or colours, and building from that.

Right now I’m dreaming about our next kitchen with a terrazzo worktop, faded pink and beige walls, and a lot of ceramics in earthy tones. Or, if my husband refuses, I'll find a way to create that in my next set design project.

A wall of art is like a mood-board, it has to tell a feeling.

What motivates your selection in art when you view a space?

How big you can go. Right now I find that bigger art makes more of an impact. But also serious colour coordination and curation of motives that complement each other. A wall of art is like a mood-board, it has to tell a feeling.


Walk us through the work you curated for Kolla in this first project.

I looked for motives that felt new and fresh and had something to say or add to a space.

Also, colour combinations that felt inspiring and had forward-thinking colour palettes. And, of course, quality craftsmanship of photography.


What considerations do you suggest for people when combining multiple photos together in their homes?

Always look for colours already dominating the space and go with art that complement them, as well as photos complementing each other.

Don’t think too much and follow your gut; if you like something it will complement your home.



Searching for ideas? View some of her Kolla Inspiration rooms.

Follow Therese Winberg on Instagram, and view her portfolio.

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