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Babes in Boyland

Stylist Nathalie Myrberg and photographer Matilda Hildingsson are collectively Babes in Boyland - and hugely in demand for their melancholic and poetic images.

We’re super excited they’ve agreed to curate a collection for Kolla - inspired by their moody style and a splash of gut feeling.

Tell us about this collection. How come you selected these prints, and what about them spoke to you?

Like a lot of our own imagery, we’re drawn to photos that are poetic and moody, but we wanted to bring in some colour to our collection as well. We wanted images that would go well together, but also ones that would be strong on their own. We always trust in our gut feeling, and that's how this collection came to life.

If you want a touch of that typical Swedish style in your home, shop the Babes in Boyland collection today.

Select image sizes and margins, and use code BIB20 at checkout to enjoy 20 % off when you shop before Sunday October 21st, 2018.

Read the full interview with Matilda and Nathalie from Babes in Boyland.