Meet The Artist

Martin Bohm

Martin Bohm so eloquently describes himself as “a dreamer...from a small town in a small European country, where everything seems perfect, but it’s not”. Hailing from Västerås, Sweden, one of Martin’s goals through pursuing photography is a simple yet thoughtful one: to use his art as a means to show the merits of being young, wild, and free in a country and culture which so often praises normalcy and routine.

Martin’s work ranges from portraits of people to scenes of deserted metros (and nearly everything in between), yet his photographs all have a solid unifying theme: honesty. Martin does not shy away from expressing feelings - whether feelings of joy or melancholia - and this vulnerability gives his work a unique and noteworthy edge. Through his work as a photographer, Martin is able to follow his dreams while encouraging others to do the same. “You can always do you in your own way, and nothing is impossible if you just put your whole heart to it”.

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