Swedish informal word, meaning “to look” or “look”

Kolla was established in 2018. We are headquartered in Sweden, and sell photography art prints all over Europe.

As artists, we love photographic art. Kolla was born with the idea to bring the world to people’s homes through images of exceptional quality, from the unique perspectives of brilliant professional photographers.

We’re a band of photographers, designers, printing professionals and art lovers, all with more than a decade of experience in our respective industries. Collectively, we share a vision of curating beautiful photography and creating high-quality products for modern interiors. 

From a global collective of art photographers, we produce museum-quality products on demand locally here in Sweden.

We'd love to see how you're using your Kolla prints. Share on Instagram using #Kolla and tag us @kolla.

Buying art should be one of life’s pleasures. And we’ve created Kolla to make it just that.

Kolla was founded by Jakob Granqvist and Cole Roberts. See the video below to hear more about how the brand came to be.





Kolla Photographers 2019

Read more about the photographers currently connected to Kolla. If you're interested in joining the team, we welcome you to submit.

Adam Kozłowski

Adam lives in Gdańsk, Poland and loves freshly brew coffee, good music and traveling. But most of all he love photography and he's been a full-time professional since 2006. He photographs everyday life, landscapes, architecture and people wherever he goes. As he puts it, "I’m also lucky enough, that along with my wife I photograph weddings. I carry my camera almost everywhere I go. Photography and my wife give a sense to my life."

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Adriana Cahova

Adriana was born in 1979, and started photographing when she was 20 years old. First, she photographed friends and models and worked as a manager to survive. Later on, in her 30s she became a full-time photographer. Her artistic black and white photos are all taken on medium format film. She develops all films and prints all photos in a darkroom. 

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Alessandra Spairani

Alessandra is an Italian photographer based in Cambridge, UK. She specialises in food and travel shooting worldwide for both editorial and commercial clients.

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Alfonso Nungaray

Alfonso has been a professional photographer for 10 years, and has carved out his niche within a style of photographs that allow the mind to wander. Often abstract, never predictable, Alfonso allows his passion to wander through his artistic eye. And on the side, he’s a notorious professional cat petter.

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Amanda Ekström

A few years ago, Amanda Ekström over heard some teenage girls talking about how to get rid of that extra skin on their bellies and their stretch marks on their bums. She decided then to capture the art of the female body - just trying to help the teenage girls relief a little. Now this is her first collection with KOLLA.

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Amir Hamja

Amir is a freelance documentary and street photographer from Bangladesh currently studying at international center of photography at New York. 

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Anders Kustas

Anders began photographing in the eighties and since the nineties has worked professionally photographing everything from corporate, editorial, advertising, fashion, and headshots for singers and actors.

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Andreas Holm

Andreas is a photographer with a particular focus on weddings and portraiture. Originally from north of Sweden but now based in Malaga, Spain. He’s drawn to the natural and authentic, which he also tries to transmit into his photography.

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Anna Ambrosi

Anna is a creative director at private portraiture studio - Bianco - which is based in London. She believes that beauty will indeed save the world, and hopes her work can be a drop in that ocean.

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Åsmund Holien Mo

Åsmund is a photographer from Oslo, Norway. He mostly shoot weddings, but also does a fair amount of commercial photography. He finds pleasure in capturing simple, minimalist composition and documenting moments.

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Ben Higgins

Ben is a photographer based in London, England. Inspired by the great outdoors, he travels across the globe capturing landscapes with a fresh perspective, each deeply rooted with a sense of peace and tranquility.

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Benj Haisch

Growing up outside of Seattle in the Pacific Northwest, my childhood was spent exploring the Cascade Mountains in the winter and glacier-fed rivers and lakes in the summers. It wasn’t until I started traveling more as an adult that I grew to appreciate the natural world that I was taking for granted around me and made a point to document my travels. There is nothing more relaxing to me than breathing in fresh mountain air and disconnecting from the digital world for a few hours. I hope that my photographs can bring a little sense of that into your everyday life.

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Billijs Locs

Billijs is Latvian wedding photographer with a passion for showing this world in a beautiful way. He believes that wandering off the beaten path will bring you better images and stories. There is something to show wherever you go.

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Björn Lexius

Björn Lexius is a portrait / lifestyle / sports photographer based in Hamburg, Germany, traveling the world to document cycling and running events.

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Cameron Prentice

Cameron is a photographer based in Scotland specialising in 35mm film and digital editorial photography. He has a strong passion for travel and adventure from city to summit.

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Carly Williams

CJ Williams is based in Australia, but has a passion for travel and landscape photography. 

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Citlalli Rico

Citlalli is a photographer that lives in Cancun, Mexico. Loves green leaves, visual arts and salsa dancing. Travels around the world teaching photography and enjoys capturing meaningful images for her clients.

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Cole Roberts

Cole is a Canadian living in Sweden. Shooting weddings around the world over the past ten years has allowed him to travel to some fabulous places, and on those trips, he's always kept his eyes open for interesting and new views of the world. As he shares, "my photos are simple memories of the many adventures I've taken. One day I look forward to sharing these adventures with my kids, and a few of the stories behind these scenes"

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Danelle Bohane

Danelle Bohane hails from one of the smallest yet most beautiful countries of all, New Zealand. Being a full-time photographer, she gets to travel across her country almost weekly for work which gives her the opportunity to take many photographs of New Zealand's varied and remarkable landscape. Danelle says "it is always lovely to head home after being away for work to our bungalow in the bush in Auckland where I enjoy having a coffee in hand and our pup Eddie on my lap, it's the simple things in life that bring me the most joy."

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Daniel Kudish

Daniel is a photographer from Montreal, who has travelled to over 40 countries, documenting weddings from all cultures and backgrounds.

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David Schreiner

David documents people and their emotions - always looking for stories that go beyond the obvious. He lives in Sundsvall, Sweden.

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Ed Peers

Ed Peers lives in Woking, England. He is a photographer who is passionate about travel (a self-confessed "wanderlust sufferer"), particularly drawn to the beauty and awe of the natural world.

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Edvin Bergh

Edvin is an eighteen year old photographer from Stockholm, and a blend of a perfectionist and a scatterbrain. With his pictures, he aims to enable people to read deeper into motives otherwise often looked past. 

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Emiliano Verrocchio

In 1988 he started taking photos of planes landing in Italy, without wearing glasses. Things got more focused during the years and he's now a freelancer observing the world in details. Trying to see beauty and poetry in everyday things. His commissioned work is mainly commercial portraits and event documentaries.

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Eva Garmendia

Eva is a molecular microbiologist by day and a photographer by night. The idea that a single moment in this never-stopping time could be preserved forever was what drove her towards photography from the start. She feels attracted to symmetries, geometries and abstract looks, seeking balance in her pictures. Eva is based in Stockholm.

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Fer Juaristi

Fer Juaristi is a rare talent and unique character. Here's his Hello to the Kolla community: “Hi guys, it’s Fer Juaristi from Mexico, I’m a traveler, dreamer & a blessed father of 3. Photography is how I live life.”

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Gabe McClintock

Gabe is fascinated with the human connection and has an obsession with travel. To see new places. To stand at the base of waterfalls and the edges of cliffs. To feel the heat of the sun and the cold damp fog on his skin. As he shares, "I have been extremely fortunate to combine my passion of photography with my love of travel and I am forever grateful."

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Gustavo Martins

Gustavo remembers very well the first time he held a camera in his hands, his father's old Agfa Silette. That moment marked the beginning of a lifelong affair. With a background in Fine Arts, Gustavo has "flirted" with many different mediums but photography is his favourite. 

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Hugh Forte

Hugh's work reflects a sincere reverence abstract places to which the mind may wander when confronted with vastness and solitude.

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Ian Weldon

Ian is a special character with an immense talent. Here's his introduction to the Kolla community: "Hello, I’m Ian Weldon. I’m a photographer based in the North of England and I predominantly photography weddings, for people who don’t want wedding photography."

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Itay Peleg

Itay was born and raised in Tel-Aviv, before his camera dragged him to Porto. He came to this world to open your eyes beyond the mundane, away from ordinary life.

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Jakob Granqvist

Jakob Granqvist is a photographer based in Stockholm, Sweden. Having traveled the world, telling stories with the camera for the past decade, he sees himself as a world citizen and enjoys travel as much today as he did the first time he boarded an airplane.

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Jakub Wencek

His name is Jakub and he always dreamt about working in the forest and became a forester. Forest was always close to him, he was surrounded by the forest but has often not seen the beauty of it

Everything changed when he understood that the amazing views are restricted only for few people. Then he started to discover the forest again – taking photos and sharing those unusual frames.

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Janice Yi

Janice is a Toronto-based photographer of stories. She is a wedding photographer by trade and when she's not at weddings, she likes to travel as much as possible because this world of ours is just too beautiful to only stay in one place. In her own words, "I want to take photos that make you feel something, that produce not just a sense of place and time, but a certain sentiment as well."

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Jennie Johansson

My name is Jennie, I was born in Västerås, Sweden, met the love of my life in northern Sweden, my mother is from Denmark and three of my sisters have roots from Italy. You might guess that I love to travel and explore the world? Yes, I do. And I love to capture all the beauty that's around us.

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Jim Pollard

Jim is based down amongst the mountains and lakes of Queenstown, New Zealand. He's fortunate that his work takes him all over the globe, but he doesn't want to just get to his destination, he want to make every journey an experience and make the most of every opportunity. He's fascinated by what's out there, and while some people call it being hyper aware, he just calls it "appreciating everything".

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Jocke Larsson

Jocke is a professional photographer and visual artist, born in a small village north of Stockholm, who is now based in St.Petersburg, Russia. He's always had a big interest in photography and art and the inspiration for his artworks often comes from the nature.

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Johan Öhrlund

Johan is a commercial photographer and filmmaker based in Stockholm, Sweden. He draws his inspiration primarily from music, which comes through in his photography where he focuses on storytelling and portraying emotion.

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Jonatan Jan

Jonatan epitomizes character. In his words, "I will never grow up stop laughing sticking out my tongue at anyone falling standing up loving drinking with friends and strangers alike dancing as if nobody is watching skinny dipping singing out of tune walking out of all paths stealing moments and cherries".

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Kristian Leven

For the past few years Kristian has had a keen interest in street photography. Heading out and photographing on the street provides him with an opportunity to work in an environment without any restrictions, and an endless array of possibilities. His work has been recognized and exhibited at street photography festivals in San Francisco, Brussels and London.

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Lani Noreke

Lani was born and raised in Southern California where she worked in the pharmaceutical industry and volunteered with conservation. She then traded in that life and moved to an old farm outside of Lövestad in the south of Sweden.  With that change, she also made a career out of my hobby. Bedsides photography, and definitely a considerable influence in all aspects of her life, she also has a nerdy interest in all things scientific and a passion for travel.

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Lelia Scarfiotti

Lelia's life is made of open spaces, walking barefoot, rain, grey mood, the smell of earth after a storm, day dreaming, getting lost, darkness, exploring, windy days, chocolate, books, Chagall paintings, spontaneity, music, nights in front of the fire. As she put it, "I wish I was a poet... but I am just a photographer. Photography is the only language I know, the way I see the world, and all the small things that make every day so incredible."

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Linnea Ronström

Linnea is a photographer who is focusing on telling authentic stories with her images. She always tries to incorporate emotions in her photography, to make the viewers feel as though they’re actually there, experiencing the moments themselves. She is based on the island Gotland in Sweden, and works with commercial, portrait and wedding photography.

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Luchit Anca

Luchit Anca is a graphic designer and photographer, passing through her works the thrill of a sensitive heart. She loves to ramble the woods behind her home, to take pictures of untouched places and rare-hearted people.

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Magdalena Glowacka

Magdalena is a photographer based in Florence. Her driving forces in life are: 1. family, 2. photography and 3. traveling. As she puts it, "without being a parent I wouldn't know what I want from life and how much the quality of life depends on me. I wouldn't be so aware of the time passing and the need of facing all challenges and fears here and now. With this knowledge my passion of photography that started in my youth became a real adventure with real wonderful people around the world."

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Magdalena Martin

Magdalena Martin left Stockholm for Paris in 2013 and now calls Paris her home, living in the artistic area Montmartre. She has been selling her photography and Paris motives since 2011, both to private clients and different photography companies and interior stores around the world.

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Maja Tsolo

Maja is a Slovenian born, UK based wedding and family lifestyle photographer. When she is not dreaming of traveling, she can usually be found chasing beautiful light and her three children.

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Mark Pacura

Mark is a photographer based in Glasgow Scotland. His journey into photography started 20 years ago, when he picked up a camera to photograph local motorsport events. He’s passionate about landscape photography, with minimalistic approach, always looking for moody dramatic light.

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Martin Bohm

Visuals are Martin's passion. He lives for the rawness of the dark and the love of the light. He strives for imperfect perfection and dreamy visuals working strongly with lines and shadow-plays. In his own words; "Since childhood I have loved looking at beautiful things, like the sky with its burning sunsets, the nature with its deep lush forests, the interior that characterizes every building and the clothes that reflects each individual in a unique way."

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Martin Cahill

It’s all about the human story and the possibilities of photography. One image can take us to people & places we wouldn’t ordinarily get to see. It can change the way we think about the world, and it can bring us back; to a memory, a feeling, a person.

My name is Martin Cahill. I’m a documentary and wedding photographer who lives in a small rural village close to Liverpool with my wife Anita and our son Patrick. Most of our free time is spent in the West of Ireland where our own story began.

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Mathias Cederholm

My name is Mathias and I’m a photographer living just outside Stockholm, Sweden. I have always had a fascination for people and what makes us tick, no matter where or how we live. Simple or grand, rich or poor, I listen and look for the stories we tell.

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Maurizio Palumbo

Maurizio’s passion for photography and visual arts was born long time ago. For several years he has worked in the industry of photography, fashion and graphic design. He loves taking long walks in nature, he’s in love with California, music, cinema and design. He loves exploring new cities aimlessly and getting lost on the mountain roads, in the desert and in woods.

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Michael Schwan

Michael Schwan was born in 1988 and grew up in Saarbrücken, Germany. He has been a photographer for many years, and today specializes in Abandoned Places as well as Landscapes and Travel Photography.

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Michał Terajewicz

Michał lives in Ostrów Wielkopolski, Poland. He is a wedding photographer who shoots astrophotography and landscapes in his spare time.

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Michele Maffei

Michele grew up in Sestri Levante, a beautiful small town on the ligurian east coast, Italy. He is a professional wedding photographer who keeps passion for travel and stolen moments of life pictures. 

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Milton Gan

Milton is a professional photographer, born and bred in London, who is now based in Sydney, Australia. He's always had a keen interest in graphic design so it seems natural that his travel and architectural photography focuses on elements such as strong lines and bold composition.

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Nirav Patel

Nirav Patel is a portrait and editorial photographer based in San Francisco. His body of work emphasizes the use of light to capture quiet moments in an otherwise turbulent environment.

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Oskar Björkén Christiansson

After having ended a quite successful music blog endeavour in the mp3 era, the rural Sweden born and now Stockholm based Oskar Björkén Christiansson (b. 1987) found himself without a creative outlet. Nothing really seemed as interesting as digging up and sharing brand new music by undiscovered artists. 

But he had dabbled with photography for a while with his phone and Instagram (back when people still used filters), and during a holiday sale in late 2013 he bought his first ever camera on a whim. This happened to coincide with a trip to the Canary Islands. And so he was hooked.

Late to the party, he took to YouTube to quickly learn the basics and then started studying the works of photographers such as Martin Parr and William Eggleston, whom he rather unknowinlgy had been influenced by during said trip, when snapping pictures of sunbathers and mundane but colourful patterns, cars, shop signs etc.

The creative kick he got from unearthing someone else's work was replaced by creating and sharing (still via Instagram, but without the filters) his own. A new era without an end, it seems.

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Paolo Salvadori

Paolo is 43 years old, he was born in Venice and now lives in Sardinia, Italy. As he describes, he's a "heart thinker, curious, passionate photographer obsessed by the extraordinary magic of the human being. My personal challenge is to document the beautiful life on this earth."

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Paul Mazurek

Paul Mazurek is a full-time photographer based in Regensburg, Germany. He finds his true inspiration through traveling with his wife Stephanie and connecting with people all over the world. 

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Per Henning

Hi I am Per! I enjoy life with my love and our sons. Travel, music, photography, HBO shows and family is where my heart is. I am just a small town boy from south of Sweden.

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Raisa Zwart

Raisa Zwart is a fine art film photographer from the Netherlands, shooting intimate weddings, adventurous brands worldwide and likes to travel as much as she can. You could call her a beach lover, big dreamer and a sucker for yoga pants, traveling and Moroccan food.

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Raphael Kessler

Raphael Kessler is a photographer from Paris. His focuses on street and travel photography.

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Redijus Anikanovas

Redijus is obsessed with Love and Nature. He loves capturing true feelings and reflecting people's inner world in his photos.

View all by Redijus Anikanovas

Ryan R. Browne

Born and raised in the Chicago suburbs, its in Ryan’s blood to build things from scratch. After working as an architect in New York City, he left to pursue photography and filmmaking full time in 2012. Ryan’s work embodies his continual pursuit to design within a constrained set of parameters, most often, the landscapes he flies over with his camera.

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Samm Blake

Samm Blake is an Australian photographer living and working in New York. Combining a fine arts background, her images garnered acclaim for their honesty, vulnerability, and unfeigned connection to its subjects.

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Si Moore

Si Moore is a photographer from Auckland, New Zealand who spends a lot of time traversing the globe shooting street-scapes on medium format film on obsolete old cameras and then praying that it works out.

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Sigit Prasetio

Jakarta-based photographer Sigit Prasetio's love for landscapes started when he first began honing his craft in 2005, and there's no end in site for this passionate artist.

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Sonja Lazukić

Sonja Lazukić is a food photographer and a gourmand in her spare time. She has had the great fortune to be able to combine her two greatest passions into a job. She is fascinated with nature, colors and summer dresses. She also adores spring time, as well as the onset of the first snow. Her mission is to find the beauty subtly weaved into every little thing.

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Tiree Dawson

Tiree is lucky enough to live and work in the beautiful English Lake District. Whatever it is she's photographing she aims to capture graceful and beautifully composed images that tell the story of the subject as it unfolds, without interrupting it.

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Tito Rikardo

Tito is a photographer based in Jakarta Indonesia, who also does travel and commercial photography. He love shadows and highlights, moments, and is a self-described composition junkie.

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Tomaso Spiga

Tomaso studied as an architect, and maybe due to this he is in love with people, interiors and their connections. Tomaso discovered photography about ten years ago, and that immediately became something more than simply a passion.

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Tonhya Wysong

Tonhya is a wedding and travel photographer based in Brooklyn, New York. Her work is inspired by real life moments - it is emotive and driven by people and light.

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Wianda Bongen

Wianda enjoys traveling around the world for her work, but she’s always happy to coming home after a trip, at the countryside of the Netherlands, where she lives with her husband and dog Serah. Her life is all about creating new adventures, exploring and getting lost during long walks with her dog, reading books on windy days, dreaming big and making dreams real. She’s always looking for authenticity in her work as a storyteller.

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