Våra Fotografer
Hos Kolla kan du välja bland konst från fler än 100 fotografer, såväl lokala som internationella.

Sahand Barzanji

A photographer who creates the reality that lives in his mind.

Samsul Alam Al-Majidi

Originally from Bangladesh, Samsul likes to travel and take pictures within Stockholm and Sweden.

Sandra Kvist

Sandra Kvist is a self-taught photographer who found her passion after years trying her ways in various artistic fields.

Sara Blumel

Sara is inspired by her hometown of Budapest as well as the Nordics and ties them together in her photography art.

Savannah Wishart

Savannah Wishart is a multi-dimensional visual artist exploring what it means to be human from both in front of and behind the camera.


Shah Faisal Darwaish

Shah describes his photography artwork as a canvas where he plays with colours and his imagination and appreciates the world’s beauty.

Siddharth Pandit

A documentary photographer capturing the intricate and beautiful moments of daily life that would otherwise go unnoticed.


Simon Fredriksson

Sophia Bergholm

Sophia's unique use of color and composition paint an extraordinary picture of the Swedish landscape.


Stig Ark

Stina Gränfors

Stina is trying to find the unusual in the usual, the creativity in the everyday life.

Susanne Kraft

Huge cineast and the life of urban living. And of course her big passion is photography.

Tekla Evelina Severin

Tekla Evelina Severin spells c-o-l-o-u-r-s, right? Colour addict with an BA in interior architecture and furniture design.


Thomas Asplund

Tomas Andersson

Tomas enjoys landscape photography as well as street, and has a passion for black and whites.

Vaiva Adomenaite

Vaiva has a big passion for photography and carries her camera almost everywhere she goes.

Viggo Lundberg

In his work Viggo focuses on the nordic landscape, nature and wildlife. His aerial photography have quickly attracted attention worldwide. 

Viktor Ankarberg

Viktor is a chef that always walks around with his camera in hand when he is not in the kitchen.

Visar Neziri

Photographer living in Sweden. Loves technology and enjoys photographing portraits, cityscapes and nature.

William Röhl

William is a self-entitled guide of Stockholm with a penchant for local gems, his style is best described as architectural portraiture.