Meet The Artist

Tekla Evelina Severin

Rooted in unashamed boldness and fearless originality, Tekla Evelina Severin’s photography is unmistakably her own. While many other artists may work hard in their pursuits to claim originality, it just seems to come naturally to Tekla.

Self-assuredness is a rare though much desired trait for artists to possess. In a field where second-guessing is often second nature, there is a certain comfort to be found in Tekla's commanding confidence. Her ability to communicate herself so clearly through her art can likely be attributed in part to her other main interest: interior architecture. Through her work as an architect, Tekla has undoubtedly mastered decisiveness and has developed an astute eye for beauty - skills which also translate effortlessly to her work as a photographer.


“I’ve always had the need to create my own world and interpretation of it”


Just as she directs design decisions as an architect, she also directs the version of the world she seeks to capture through her lens as a photographer. In her own words, “I’ve always had the need to create my own world and interpretation of it”. She sees beauty in the everyday and inspires others to look for beauty in unlikely places, too.

Her interpretation of the world is one worth spending some time in; colorful, lively, inviting, and utterly cheerful. The next time you’re taking a monotonous ride on the metro, look around a bit and try to see the world through Tekla's eyes - finding joy in unlikely places.

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